Live Music and Band Ideas For Wedding Receptions.

For centuries all round the world people have been celebrating the act of marriage with live musical entertainment during and after the wedding ceremony. Music gives a warm welcome to the guests at the reception, and then for dancing the evening away for a perfect wedding.

This live wedding band plays the vintage style of jazz that was popularized by the original Dixieland Jass Band when they made the first Jazz recordings in 1917. In the nineteen twenties, jazz musicians played for weddings, parties and social events in New Orleans, which is why the music is often called New Orleans Jazz.

This style of live music became popular again in the nineteen fifties during the "Trad Boom" as dance music or just music for listening to. In the USA this style of jazz is called Dixieland jazz and in Great Britain it is known as traditional or "Trad" jazz

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The bride posing behind the live party band playing music to entertain the wedding guests while the photos are being taken in the drinks reception.

Jazz bands play good music for wedding receptions.

Like all live jazz wedding bands they play a mixture of the classic jazz standards, ballads and popular tunes of the early twentieth century. These tunes are all played in a foot tapping danceable style, that would have been recognised by the earliest jazz musicians, and today people can enjoy the music of one of the best wedding bands available.

One of the best wedding bands for hire playing for the bride and groom's entrance at the reception.

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The experienced professional musicians in this jazz quartet have a varied repertoire of tunes for wedding reception music ideas (with links to samples) from the ninteen hundreds up to the nineteen forties, which goes to help make that special day just that bit more special.

All the tunes are recognisable with a beginning a middle and an end that appeals to all ages making it an ideal choice of music for wedding receptions.

When you book this wedding band of musicians they can (given notice) play a special tune for your big day or the ceremony music, they will learn it for you, if it fits their style! Unusually for jazz bands they have some waltz's on their list.

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Live musical entertainment in the courtyard at the Blue Keys Hotel in Southampton.

As a wedding idea you can book a live reception band for the wedding day to include playing gentle background music to entertain the guests on arrival, then moving to the dance floor to play music for dancing at whatever tempo the wedding guests want. Sometimes this live band has led the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception.

Acoustic Jass have performed the processional music for the bride at Church, Civil and Humanist ceremonies, they've played music during the signing of the register and for the bride and groom to leave the wedding ceremony.

These experienced musicians have performed wedding music outside the church, at hotels, village halls, marquees, barns, schools, stately homes, farms, boats, railway stations, fields, woodland glades and a florists shop.

A few of the places they've provided Wedding Reception Entertainment:-

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